Most photography projects involve a lot more than having pictures taken and then receiving them in the mail afterwards. But that’s all that a lot of photographers have to offer.
With Embry Photography, however, you will get a photographer with the full skill set you need to truly realize the vision for your project – from start to finish.
  • Visualizing the final result before a project even starts
  • Turning photos into campaign and marketing materials
  • Adding your personalized touch to photos
  • Working with other creatives – such as art directors, framers and interior designers – to ensure that everything comes together perfectly
  • Managing the overall project and keeping everyone on track through effective meetings, smart schedules and ongoing updates
  • Participating + organizing executive meetings about the overall communications goals for the business or organization
  • Ordering gallery-ready prints and frames through enterprise partner 
  • Assisting the installation of the project, whether in graceful galleries or corporate corridors
  • Co-organizing unveilings and other project-related events
In short, fulfilling the potential of a photo-based project contains a plethora of elements – and Embry Photography can help you keep all your ducks in a row.